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In just under two weeks, we will meet in Prague for the third OpenWrt Summit.
Unlike the previous years, OpenWrt Summit 2017 will be a two day event.

Our first day sees a full schedule of excellent talks. Like last year, we received loads of high-quality talk submissions from people in both community and industry all over the world.

This year, we are delighted to announce t

Our topics range from communityto talks that show the use of OpenWrt/LEDE in industry, to a panel where several OpenWrt/LEDE Core Team members will gather to describe future goals and respond to questions from attendees.

Our second day is a lot more hands on. We will have workshops, face to face working group meetings, and a room dedicated to developer sprints.

There will be three workshops throughout the day. Beginning with “Aggregating the speed of multiple Wi-Fi bridges with MPTCP on LEDE”, we then have “How to Integrate PlatformIO with OpenWrt/LEDE to Manage IoT Devices” and our final workshop will be on “OpenWRT Remote Management”.

In the morning, the prpl Carrier Interests Working Group will have face to face meetings on the topics of High-level API, and Low-level API. After lunch will see a general prpl face to face meeting.

Throughout the day, there will be a room dedicated to developer sprints, where community members can come together to work together in person.

Our Schedule

The full and detailed schedule is available here.


The OpenWrt Summit is taking place on October 26th and 27th in Prague, Czech Republic at Hotel Olsanka. Tickets can be bought via for a low cost.

To ensure that summit attendees have somewhere convenient to stay – we have reserved some rooms. To book your room, email quoting the code “OpenWrt” to receive a small discount on the already low room rate.

To make sure you have the energy to learn, on both days there will be coffee breaks, as well as lunch for attendees.

Additionally, on the first day (the 26th) we will be having an evening social event, with dinner, for the community to get together and continue our discussions.

Our Sponsors

We want to take the opportunity to thank our sponsors! Without the following organisations, OpenWrt Summit would not be possible.




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Security is the Heart of the Matter

Article in New Electronics:

In a recent blog on the New Electronics website, we noted that more than 65% of medical device makers questioned in a recent survey believed that an attack on one or more of the products built by or in use in their organisation was likely to happen in the near future….

Read more here!


Vodafone Joins prpl Foundation to Spur Open-Source Innovation in the Digital Home and Smart Gateways

Enrique Marti del Olmo, Vodafone Group’s Head of Fixed Devices, Connectivity & Security, appointed to the prpl Board of Directors

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. – August 7, 2017 – The prpl Foundation, an open-source, community-driven consortium with a focus on enabling the security and interoperability of embedded devices for the smart society of the future, today announced Vodafone Group has joined the Foundation. As a leading multi-national telecommunications provider and Europe’s fastest-growing fixed broadband provider, Vodafone joins prpl with the intent to accelerate the harmonization of software platforms for in-home devices like routers in order to foster innovation in the digital home and smart gateways.

Furthering its commitment to the work of the prpl Foundation, Vodafone Group’s head of fixed devices, connectivity & security, Enrique Marti del Olmo, will join the prpl Board of Directors, prpl’s Carrier Interest Group and the prplWrt Working Group to help make routers more open, interoperable and secure.

“With the formation of our Carrier Interest Group last year, we set out to strengthen the ties between telecommunications carriers, major chipset vendors and key open-source developers such as those in the OpenWrt community,” said Art Swift, president of the prpl Foundation. “Vodafone’s engineers have been closely following the work of our Carrier Interest Group and prplWrt working group for many months, and now with Vodafone’s active participation and planned open-source contributions, we expect the pace of innovation to accelerate.”

“Vodafone endorses the important open-source and specification work of the prpl Foundation. Increasingly, we see open-source software and open standards as critical to the successful deployment of fixed broadband devices like routers and the next generation of in-home services. By working together with prpl’s industrial and community members to integrate carrier-grade features into open-source platforms and establish open APIs, we believe we can improve quality, increase security and streamline development of fixed broadband products for the digital home market,” said Mr. Marti del Olmo.

Notes from prplwrt Meeting July 20th




Kathy Giori
Shelly Coen
Bruce Horowitz
Pedro Santos
Cesare Garlati
Sailesh Suman
Hauke Mehrtens
Art Swift
Emanuele Bovisio


* reminder, Summit CFP is out — day 1: standard talks, day 2: workshops, development sprints, deep dive discussions, etc.
* feedback on draft of survey
* OpenWrt/LEDE – integration going well? anything prpl can offer to help?
* board farm – use to automatically test trunk and latest releases on a variety of platforms — need resources to execute

* training programs – anyone know of OpenWrt/LEDE training programs or workshops? should they be offered?

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Gatwick incident – Dronejacking will get worse before it gets better.

By Cesare Garlati – prpl Chief Security Strategist

With the recent news of a drone causing chaos at Gatwick airport, hacking IoT devices has resurfaced as a topic of discussion especially regarding the security issues should a multitude of devices be hacked.

In the optimal situation, there is no way that anyone should be able to access, much less hijack, the critical functions of an IoT device such as a drone. While the power for destruction from just one drone may seem paltry, directing these drones in large numbers at a target is a very real, and dangerous, possibility – as confirmed by this news.

The time to act is now to take control of security in IoT devices at the most basic level: the hardware.

Manufacturers need to move away from the attitude that “it works, let’s try to secure it and get it to market” to “if it’s not secure, it doesn’t work”. Unless the industry adopts this attitude, the security problems of IoT will continue to proliferate at an alarming rate and unfortunately, lives could quite literally be at stake.

*   *   *

More about what can be done today to secure IoT: prpl Security Guidance for IoT

More about what can be done today to secure the smart home: prpl Smart Home Security Report