MIPS QEMU v2. release

QEMU head and 'q'Yongbok Kim announced a release candidate of MIPS QEMU. Go get the code  or read the release notes below:

  • Overview
    MIPS QEMU based on prpl Foundation QEMU
  • Changelog
    Updated microMIPS implementation into v6.02
    Enabled VInt for I6400, mips32r6-generic and MIPS64R2-generic
    Fixed issue with semihosting on microMIPS R6
  • Version based
    Upstream version of QEMU v2.4.0-rc4
    prpl Foundation QEMU PRIP4, PRIP5
  • Limitation
    LLX, LLXE, SCX and SCXE has not been implemented.
    Following MSA instructions have not been fully verified:
    msa_flog2.{d,w}, msa_ftint_u.{d,w}, msa_ftrunc_u.{d,w}
    TLB duplicate Machine Check is not performed

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