Meeting notes from prplWrt meeting – August 14, 2015

APicture of a routerttendees: Eric, Hauke, Mathieu, Kathy

Eric — plenty of activity on FCC

  • Consumer Electronics Association, Telecommunications Industry Association – both asked for 2 week extension since such a broad new change proposed
  • up to now, two types of devices:
    1. SDR
    2. Non SDR (<== Wi-Fi routers)

Proposed rule gets rid of the distinction and says that everything has to fall under U-NII regulatory and security guidelines. Stricter security rules came into play in 2015. Even now, Wi-Fi router industry is struggling to figure out how to comply with the new FCC security requirements:

We need a general response that tells the FCC not to lock down platforms to innovation and value-add software services. Maybe prpl could submit a response that is endorsed by its members and OEMs/ODMs of those members — anyone who cares would be welcome to sign, almost like a petition. However, that same response has to show how industry and community have a plan to make sure that Wi-Fi regulations are kept secure, and cannot be skirted around.

OpenWrt Summit – October 8 – FREE to attend – save the date!!

  • Lots of people want to pre-register; should open for registration in a couple weeks
  • Ryan Taylor who did recordings and live streaming at Battlemesh v8 is going to do the OpenWrt Summit 🙂
  • Still want more presentation submissions! Only two weeks away from August 28 deadline


  • Made a few more OpenWrt contributions recently for IPQ806x support


  • No new news


  • QCA board farm test scripts approved for release on github — yippee! Coming soon…

Picture of router licensed under CC-BY-SA from Hades2k

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