OpenWrt Summit Wrap Up

Hauke Mehrtens speaking on adding your own SoC to OpenWrt
Hauke Mehrtens speaking on adding your own SoC to OpenWrt

OpenWrt has grown from a hobbyist project with a few dedicated developers into the premier open source router operating system distribution. Even though OpenWrt runs on millions of devices, there’s never been a conference focusing primarily on OpenWrt. One of my responsibilities as prpl Community Manager was to work with prplwrt PEG and the OpenWrt community to change that.

Luka Perkov speaking on Containers & OpenWrt
Luka Perkov speaking on Containers & OpenWrt

Co-located with the Embedded Linux Conference Europe, the OpenWrt Summit was a full day of sessions on everything about OpenWrt. Beginning the day were topics appropriate for beginners such as an introductions to OpenWrt itself and the networking subsystem as well as adding an SoC to OpenWrt . Later, more advanced topics discussed different sides of security for OpenWrt and best practices for building a new distribution off of OpenWrt. In total, sixteen talks were jam-packed into a single day. While it was a lot of information, attendees were happy and excited to all be in the same place.

One important side to the event was the amazing work by Ryan Taylor, our videographer. He did a great job at recording and livestreaming the sessions. Between his stellar work and the slides themselves, I’m proud to say that we’ve created new, high-quality and accurate documentation for OpenWrt. As Ryan has time, the slides will begin to be spliced into the recordings to make them even more useful.

Between session discussions
Between session discussions

Like most conferences, the value of the OpenWrt Summit derived as much from what happened outside the sessions as what happened in them. The conversations that happened at lunch and between sessions were fascinating and productive. There’s no way to fit all the discussion necessary into these short breaks, though. Fortunately, prpl Foundation generously sponsored a social event at the Harbourmaster.

I’m delighted how the OpenWrt Summit turned out. This year’s OpenWrt Summit should be a catalyst for more events and collaboration between prpl and the OpenWrt community as a whole.


  • Introduction to OpenWrt – Steven BarthSlidesVideo
  • Introducing the OpenWrt network subsystem – Steven Barth – SlidesVideo
  • Adding new SoC to OpenWrt – Hauke Mehrtens – Slides – Video
  • Yes, the FCC might ban your operating system – Eric Schultz – Video
  • Welcome and Intro to prpl – Cesare Garlati – SlidesVideo
  • Project Turris – open router with OpenWrt – Bedrich Kosata – SlidesVideo
  • Do you really need to fork OpenWRT? – Federico Capoano – SlidesVideo
  • Supporting services across multiple WAN interfaces – Hans Dedecker – SlidesVideo
  • Panel discussion: many companies leverage OpenWrt — a peek from the inside – Kathy Giori and others – Video
  • OpenWrt and Linux Containers – Luka Perkov – SlidesVideo
  • Security and Hardening – Steven Barth – SlidesVideo
  • Securing the Internet of (broken) Things – Cesare Garlati – SlidesVideo
  • Lightning Talks Video
    • Board Farm Scripts Support Test Automation – Matthew McClintock
    • Fwknop, Luci, and Qr Codes: A Lesson in Usability – Jonathan Bennett – Slides
    • NetJSON: data interchange format for networks – Federico Capoano
    • Introducing the sunxi target – Your next IoT gadget – Zoltan Herpai – Slides
    • Speeding New Kernel Inclusion into OpenWrt – Bert
    • Managing OpenWrt From the Cloud. What this means for the Internet of Things? – Simon Morley

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