prplwrt Weekly Meeting – January 5, 2016

You can watch the meeting recording on YouTube

Attendees: Eric Schultz, Shailesh Suman, John McQueen, Art Swift, Hauke Mehrtens, Paul Blay

Happy New Year!

Funding OpenWrt Projects


  • Paul Blay says Imagination is adding some tests for their own work at Imagination but nothing that makes sense to release

Regulatory Update

  • Not a lot going on FCC front with the holidays and transition
  • Report that Chief Engineer of the FCC will be leaving, he spoke positively about a multi-stakeholder forum to look at the topic of software configurable radios
  • Hauke mentions that Germany and EU are looking at similar regulations and there will be a multi-stakeholder forum there to look at topic there. Some companies are asking for a delay on the regulations.

OpenWrt Summit

  • Eric will send out list of potential subcommittees to OpenWrt Summit Committee to separate responsibilities going forward

CIG Update

  • Please provide your availability for a CIG meeting at the end of January/early February (
  • Agenda isn’t set but we’ll certainly get feedback on Broadcom side as it relates to the common APIs.
  • Wouter is working on formal proposals for the common APIs for the WiFi, Push Button/GPIO/LED

Latest Status of OpenWrt/LEDE remerge discussions

News and Notes

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