prplwrt Weekly Meeting – January 12, 2016

Update on ADB TR-069 and CM software integration within OpenWRT

  • Sartura will send their integration over to ADB in a few days

Board Farm Updates

  • None

Funding OpenWrt projects

  • Daniel and Felix presented on their joint proposal for IoT Sensor API for OpenWrt/LEDE

Regulatory update

  • None

OpenWrt Summit

  • No update

CIG Update

  • Poll on next CIG Meeting (since set to January 31 at 9 AM PT)

Data Model Structure Proposal from Inteno

  • Lots of discussion about Inteno’s proposal. Felix suggested that SCAL may also be useful for this general data model use-case.
  • All agreed to meet again in a separate technical call on this topic (set at January 23, 7AM PT)

Next meeting on January 19 at 9AM PT

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