prplwrt Weekly Meeting – January 19, 2016

You can watch the meeting recording on YouTube

Attendees: Eric, Luka, Bruce, Denis, Felix, John, Matteo, Mauro, Pasquale, Pedro, Shailesh, Sukru, Kathy, and a few others

Update on ADB TR-069 and CM sw integration – Felix, Denis

  • Denis — last week delivered first phase of integration with SCAL
  • does config mgmt of certain parameters so they can be accessed from the CM API via SCAL provider
  • posted some comments on basecamp
  • ADB tested and found that it works! no time to organize details yet, but can arrange a specific call for that
  • expected a SCAL daemon plug-in, instead see a separate daemon running in user space that performs the translation
  • lots more discussion; follow-up call needed…

Funding new OpenWrt projects

  • eval ongoing for Daniel, Felix, Luka proposals
  • waiting on 2017 prpl budget before closing


  • Light activity at the moment
  • Hauke checking into ETSI

OpenWrt Summit

  • Need to have another committee meeting in the next few weeks
  • If you want to be on the committee let Eric know. 🙂

Upcoming meetings

  • Carrier Interest Group — Jan 31 call, 9am pacific
  • Data Models and OpenWrt (Sukru proposal) — Jan 23 call, 7am pacific

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