prplwrt Weekly Meeting – January 26, 2017

Attendees: Art, Bruce, Eric, John, Kathy, Mauro, Paul, Pedro, Sukru, and a couple more…

Update on ADB TR-069 and CM sw integration within OpenWrt

  • some things need to be added to SCAL in order to complete sync up between the two systems
  • see basecamp project for more info

SCAL API needs some new features

  • Add and remove objects during runtime
  • Send events back and forth — design not finalized yet (please provide Felix F with your requirements and uses)
  • See github for more info (
  • One of the concerns from Inteno was the “double database” —wondering what the ultimate solution would look like to determine whether or not it will work for Inteno.
  • 1. associated with the CM
  • 2. associated with SCAL
  • Eric thinks that the double-dB was to accommodate ADB and SoftAtHome — if you don’t have legacy systems, what would the design look like? (Inteno asking)

Data Models and OpenWrt

  • Discussion of ubus data models vs SCAL — not a conclusion yet (as noted, Inteno wants to understand SCAL better)

CIG (carrier interest group)

  • prpl striving to gather more carriers, then continue to promote and build common APIs which will speed customer time to market.
  • next call/meeting is Jan 31, 9am pacific
  • “common API” original effort was low-level, pertaining to Linux kernel APIs (LED, wi-fi, pushbuttons, GPIOs)  — call this the “common kernel API” project?
  • now an additional, higher level “common API” request is under discussion. It is more at the “Linux distribution” level  (e.g., make it easier to switch between OpenWrt and RDK-B.)

Board Farm Updates

Funding OpenWrt Projects

  • Ongoing funding of existing projects
  • Additional projects to be funded when existing ones are wrapped up (Art urges us to get them done)

Regulatory Update

  • US has appointed a new chair to of FCC therefore no new actions or decisions yet — seems they need to rebuild the commission
  • EU doc created in 2013 is supposed to be implemented in local law now, but is similar to FCC’s doc. some groups lobbying to better protect free software. ongoing discussion, seems similar to US discussions. might be some level of coordination between the two policy groups.

OpenWrt Summit

  • Next meeting will be held week of Feb 6-10 (doodle survey to select the date)
  • All welcome to participate in planning — contact Eric for further info

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