prplwrt Weekly Meeting – February 2, 2017

Watch recording on Youtube

Attendees: Eric, Altran, Art, Bruce, Cesare, John, Kathy, Luka, Mauro, Paul, Pedro, Shailesh, Sukru, other callers

Intro – Elder from Altran, newly involved in prplwrt

ADB TR-069 and CM integration with OpenWrt

  • initial tasks completed
  • follow up is ongoing offline

SCAL API improvements

  •  add/remove objects – hopefully ready to test by end of next week
  •  “eventing” – there will be a simple form of eventing that only covers changes made through SCAL
  • if you have further questions, ask Felix (nbd AT nbd DOT name)

CIG (meeting 1/30 summary)

  • when ready, will announce low-level Wi-Fi API agreement between
    three large chipmakers (standard Linux wireless APIs)
  • discussion around development of a distribution-independent API for higher-level applications (configs, etc.). if desired we need members who want this to help push it and provide requirements, etc.
    – for example, for companies who use both OpenWrt and RDK-B

OpenWrt Summit

  • Conf call Feb 8, at 7am pacific (if you are interested in joining the planning committee let Eric know)

Board Farm

  • info shared with Pedro who is interested in it
  • use and contributions from IMG, CZ.NIC and some other developers
  • Idea to incorporate a dedicated workshop or hackfest on board farm at next OpenWrt Summit – someone want to lead?

Funding projects

  • Waiting to wrap up current before we fund new ones


  • nothing new

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