prplwrt Weekly Meeting – February 16, 2017

Check out the meeting recording on YouTube

Attendees: Eric, Bruce, Felix, Joao, Kathy, Luka, Matteo, Paul, Pedro, Wojtek, and a couple more

SCAL API improvements

  • Felix — project scope implemented and now just awaiting comments and feedback on the implementation
  • handling events and add/remove objects API was last implementation to be completed
    • events: not fancy on system integration; goal to keep first milestone simple
    • json plug-in still caches things that it shouldn’t, but is just an example (i.e., not yet polished, but demonstrates API) — a restart will fix
    • contract will be complete end of this month
  • everyone should begin implementation now so that feedback comes in asap
  • Luka’s team — hasn’t taken a look yet but will soon

prpl feed to OpenWrt/LEDE

  • idea of a prpl “feed”? e.g., work that Sartura had done with Inteno (ubus over web sockets), plus any other projects that make sense. (Felix says that SCAL has its own feed already, and will be committed to the core once a bit more mature.)
    • if maintainers want packages as part of a prpl feed, then that probably makes sense
    • to be discussed more with the community (Felix fine with it either way)
    • maybe have a prpl staging area that is more publicly accessible (prpl help bridge the gap for projects that should have more broad reach and use in the community, in core or packages)
    • somewhat similar to how other core packages have been accepted if the maintainer is strong and active

CIG update

  • low-level wlan API draft recommendation sent out by Eric to a few for feedback (basis from Wauter earlier doc and other meeting discussions)
    • no issues raised thus far with the draft, but still waiting for Wauter feedback before sending to chip makers
    • may have participation from Wi-Fi team at Imagination Technologies too
  • Other idea of software stack independent API still needs more feedback and use case discussion
  • also received feedback on topics of HAL layer in RDK — evaluate and provide feedback
  • Wojtek attending RDK annual meeting at the end of the month (Denver) to discuss these ideas further

OpenWrt Summit

  • committee had an initial call last week on subcommittee breakdown to distribute tasks

Board Farm Updates

  • Paul mentions that some new tests will be published soon
  • Vodafone looked over board farm, any comments? have configured but have not added any test cases yet
Funding OpenWrt Projects
  • on hold until current projects complete (target end of Feb)


  • Eric will speak at Libre Planet (end of March) on this topic
  • Nothing new from FCC since recent general administration jostling

Interested in prplwrt, OpenWrt and LEDE? Everyone is welcome to get involved in prplwrt!

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