Android NDK for MIPS

Android RobotIn case you didn’t know, you can build native Android code using the NDK for MIPS processors. It’s actually super straightforward.

From the Android Developer site:

To generate MIPS machine code, include mips in your file’s APP_ABI definition. For example:

APP_ABI := mips

For more information about defining the APP_ABI variable, see

The build system places generated libraries into $PROJECT/libs/mips/, where $PROJECT represents your project’s root directory, and embeds them in your APK under the /lib/mips/ directory.

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MIPS Creator CI20

For those who haven’t seen the MIPS Creator CI20 before, it’s pretty cool. It’s a little like a souped up Raspberry Pi can run Debian, Android and all kinds of other operating systems. Here’s how it’s described at

The MIPS Creator CI20 platform is a feature laden MIPS/Imagination Linux and Android development system. It incorporates an Ingenic JZ4780 SoC which includes a 1.2GHz dual core MIPS32 processor and Imagination PowerVR SGX540 GPU. The CI20 board provides comprehensive connectivity, multimedia capabilities and substantial RAM and flash. CI20 is preloaded with Debian7, and other distros are being packaged to be available for download soon.

CI20 Board photo from eLinux ( and licensed under CC-BY-SA (