by Eric Schultz, Community Manager

I was recently asked to speak at LibrePlanet about my experiences working with the FCC on WiFi radio regulations. I was delighted to speak on the topic and prpl Foundation was gracious enough to send me.

Eric at LibrePlanetFor those who aren’t aware, LibrePlanet is the Free Software Foundation’s yearly celebration of free and open source software. LibrePlanet is a unique conference in that it mixes socially conscious technology users and creators with leaders in the free and open source software space. Attending LibrePlanet works best when you spend most of your time listening, and that’s exactly what I did. It’s fascinating to see how a diverse set of people look at social problems and see how open source software can be used to address those problems. While there I did find time to share some of the interesting work that prpl Foundation is doing; there’s a lot of interest among many parties about how prpl’s work on an open source secure boot and OpenWrt/LEDE could be used by individuals and smaller manufacturers. Continue reading

prplwrt Weekly Meeting – February 23, 2017

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OpenWrt/LEDE merger discussion

ADB update

  • Emanuele Bovisio will be leading the prpl participation from ADB now that Matteo is moving on. Sorry to see you go Matteo but welcome Emanuele!

SCAL Milestone Wrapup

  • Felix is looking forward to the feedback and feature suggestions for future milestones
  • Interested parties should provide a prioritized list of features and changes on Basecamp

CIG Update

Low-level API

  • Eric is finalizing language of the Wifi recommendation
  • Imagination’s Ensigma Wifi group is interested in participating
  • Open question: Should we evaluate IEEE 1905.1 as part of the common API efforts?
  • Wojtek suggests we hold off on sending the final recommendation to the chipmakers until he gets back from the RDK meeting and gets a sense of the RDK-B interest in working together on these efforts.

Software Stack Independent API update

  • On the CIG Basecamp, Eric will post a set of features for a SSI Wifi API he’s compiled from participants.
  • Eric sent out a Doodle for next CIG meeting

prpl Feed for OpenWrt/LEDE


  • Joao from Altran is looking into Boardfarm and interested in putting their in-house tests into Boardfarm

OpenWrt Summit

  • Summit Committee had a meeting on February 22
  • Split out summit responsibilities between all of the participants
  • Location recommendation report will be made to the Summit Committee at the next meeting
  • Next meeting is March 8, 7AM PT

prpl IoT Conference in Berkeley

  • Initial plan was for middle of May (prior to these notes coming out, the event was delayed until at least June)
  • Co-organized by prpl Foundation, IoTSF and Tech in Business club from Business School at Berkeley
  • Will be a chance for us all to meet face to face
  • Chance to highlight all of the work in prpl
  • Sent out survey to get feedback from folks
  • Looking for speakers and sponsors!

Next meeting is March 2, 9AM PT

prplwrt Weekly Meeting – February 16, 2017

Check out the meeting recording on YouTube

Attendees: Eric, Bruce, Felix, Joao, Kathy, Luka, Matteo, Paul, Pedro, Wojtek, and a couple more

SCAL API improvements

  • Felix — project scope implemented and now just awaiting comments and feedback on the implementation
  • handling events and add/remove objects API was last implementation to be completed
    • events: not fancy on system integration; goal to keep first milestone simple
    • json plug-in still caches things that it shouldn’t, but is just an example (i.e., not yet polished, but demonstrates API) — a restart will fix
    • contract will be complete end of this month
  • everyone should begin implementation now so that feedback comes in asap
  • Luka’s team — hasn’t taken a look yet but will soon

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prplwrt Weekly Meeting – February 2, 2017

Watch recording on Youtube

Attendees: Eric, Altran, Art, Bruce, Cesare, John, Kathy, Luka, Mauro, Paul, Pedro, Shailesh, Sukru, other callers

Intro – Elder from Altran, newly involved in prplwrt

ADB TR-069 and CM integration with OpenWrt

  • initial tasks completed
  • follow up is ongoing offline

SCAL API improvements

  •  add/remove objects – hopefully ready to test by end of next week
  •  “eventing” – there will be a simple form of eventing that only covers changes made through SCAL
  • if you have further questions, ask Felix (nbd AT nbd DOT name)

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prplwrt Weekly Meeting – January 26, 2017

Attendees: Art, Bruce, Eric, John, Kathy, Mauro, Paul, Pedro, Sukru, and a couple more…

Update on ADB TR-069 and CM sw integration within OpenWrt

  • some things need to be added to SCAL in order to complete sync up between the two systems
  • see basecamp project for more info

SCAL API needs some new features

  • Add and remove objects during runtime
  • Send events back and forth — design not finalized yet (please provide Felix F with your requirements and uses)
  • See github for more info (
  • One of the concerns from Inteno was the “double database” —wondering what the ultimate solution would look like to determine whether or not it will work for Inteno.
  • 1. associated with the CM
  • 2. associated with SCAL
  • Eric thinks that the double-dB was to accommodate ADB and SoftAtHome — if you don’t have legacy systems, what would the design look like? (Inteno asking)

Data Models and OpenWrt

  • Discussion of ubus data models vs SCAL — not a conclusion yet (as noted, Inteno wants to understand SCAL better)

CIG (carrier interest group)

  • prpl striving to gather more carriers, then continue to promote and build common APIs which will speed customer time to market.
  • next call/meeting is Jan 31, 9am pacific
  • “common API” original effort was low-level, pertaining to Linux kernel APIs (LED, wi-fi, pushbuttons, GPIOs)  — call this the “common kernel API” project?
  • now an additional, higher level “common API” request is under discussion. It is more at the “Linux distribution” level  (e.g., make it easier to switch between OpenWrt and RDK-B.)

Board Farm Updates

Funding OpenWrt Projects

  • Ongoing funding of existing projects
  • Additional projects to be funded when existing ones are wrapped up (Art urges us to get them done)

Regulatory Update

  • US has appointed a new chair to of FCC therefore no new actions or decisions yet — seems they need to rebuild the commission
  • EU doc created in 2013 is supposed to be implemented in local law now, but is similar to FCC’s doc. some groups lobbying to better protect free software. ongoing discussion, seems similar to US discussions. might be some level of coordination between the two policy groups.

OpenWrt Summit

  • Next meeting will be held week of Feb 6-10 (doodle survey to select the date)
  • All welcome to participate in planning — contact Eric for further info

prplwrt Weekly Meeting – January 19, 2016

You can watch the meeting recording on YouTube

Attendees: Eric, Luka, Bruce, Denis, Felix, John, Matteo, Mauro, Pasquale, Pedro, Shailesh, Sukru, Kathy, and a few others

Update on ADB TR-069 and CM sw integration – Felix, Denis

  • Denis — last week delivered first phase of integration with SCAL
  • does config mgmt of certain parameters so they can be accessed from the CM API via SCAL provider
  • posted some comments on basecamp
  • ADB tested and found that it works! no time to organize details yet, but can arrange a specific call for that
  • expected a SCAL daemon plug-in, instead see a separate daemon running in user space that performs the translation
  • lots more discussion; follow-up call needed…

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prplwrt Weekly Meeting – January 12, 2016

Update on ADB TR-069 and CM software integration within OpenWRT

  • Sartura will send their integration over to ADB in a few days

Board Farm Updates

  • None

Funding OpenWrt projects

  • Daniel and Felix presented on their joint proposal for IoT Sensor API for OpenWrt/LEDE

Regulatory update

  • None

OpenWrt Summit

  • No update

CIG Update

  • Poll on next CIG Meeting (since set to January 31 at 9 AM PT)

Data Model Structure Proposal from Inteno

  • Lots of discussion about Inteno’s proposal. Felix suggested that SCAL may also be useful for this general data model use-case.
  • All agreed to meet again in a separate technical call on this topic (set at January 23, 7AM PT)

Next meeting on January 19 at 9AM PT