About prpl

prpl (pronounced “Purple”) is an open-source, community-driven, collaborative, non-profit foundation targeting and supporting the MIPS architecture — and open to others — with a focus on enabling next-generation datacenter-to-device portable software and virtualized architectures.

prpl represents leaders in the technology industry investing in innovation in efficiency, portability and compatibility for the good of a broad community of developers, businesses and consumers.

Initial domains targeted by prpl include data center, networking & storage, connected consumer and embedded/IoT.

Core Strategies

  • Portability

    To create ISA agnostic software for rapid deployment across multiple architectures.
  • Virtualization & Security

    To enable multi-tenant, secure, software environments in datacenter, networking & storage, home, mobile and embedded.
  • Heterogenous Computing

    To leverage compute resources enabling next generation big data analytics and mining.

In addition, prpl strives to: 

  • Support, align and complement major community initiatives such as OpenWrt to complement OpenWrt and drive carrier grade features to the next level
  • Enable developers to draw on considerable resources to deliver applications and devices to both B2C and B2B markets that share open source innovations created by some of the best minds from member companies
  • Establish and grow a thriving technical community that contributes to the foundation, and generates added value and differentiation for member companies


To learn more, please send us an email or visit our contact page.

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