Getting involved in prpl

Everyone is welcome to participate in prpl. prpl has four main areas of participation:

Community Portal –

Prpl community portal highlights the open source work of prpl and its members. Some of the current projects include:

The community portal is a dynamic social media platform, open to all prpl members, to promote prpl open source projects and to share comments and updates. Please contact prpl community manager Eric Schultz (eschultz at to discuss any ideas you have for, to request your portal account, or to have your twitter feed displayed on the relevant section.




The prpl wiki contains most of the information about using and participating in prpl. Information you’ll find there includes:

  • Meeting notes
  • Installation and build instructions for software from PEGs
  • Feature proposals
  • Information on voting and decision-making
  • Hardware certification information
  • Suggestions for how to create documentation, bug reports and feature changes



Mailing Lists

The prpl mailing lists are the main discussion area for prpl. Each list has a topic related to a PEG or prpl in general and almost all welcome participation from anyone interested. On the website for the mailing lists you’ll find:

  • Simple forms for joining or unsubscribing from any mailing list
  • Mechanisms to get mailing list emails combined into a “digest” or to get each email individually
  • Archives for all of the prpl mailing lists

If you’re interested in keeping up with the progress of any part of prpl, please join the relevant lists and introduce yourself!



Source Code

Each PEG’s project posts their source code repository on Github. Github is used because it’s the most popular choice for participatory open source development and has one of the lowest barriers to entry. At each PEG’s Github page you’ll find:

  • The official source code repository for the PEG
  • Tools and information for forking and cloning the source code repository
  • Pull requests that contributors have submitted to the PEG
  • Issue tracker for bug reporting and basic feature proposal

Url: Visit and navigate to the PEG you’re interested in.

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