by Eric Schultz, Community Manager

I was recently asked to speak at LibrePlanet about my experiences working with the FCC on WiFi radio regulations. I was delighted to speak on the topic and prpl Foundation was gracious enough to send me.

Eric at LibrePlanetFor those who aren’t aware, LibrePlanet is the Free Software Foundation’s yearly celebration of free and open source software. LibrePlanet is a unique conference in that it mixes socially conscious technology users and creators with leaders in the free and open source software space. Attending LibrePlanet works best when you spend most of your time listening, and that’s exactly what I did. It’s fascinating to see how a diverse set of people look at social problems and see how open source software can be used to address those problems. While there I did find time to share some of the interesting work that prpl Foundation is doing; there’s a lot of interest among many parties about how prpl’s work on an open source secure boot and OpenWrt/LEDE could be used by individuals and smaller manufacturers. Continue reading

OpenWrt Funding, Round Two

Update September 29: Added additional suggested projects

Update November 7: Announced that we are accepting proposals on a rolling basis.

Following up on the success of our initial round of funding, prpl Foundation, through the prplwrt PEG, is once again offering OpenWrt/LEDE developers an opportunity to submit OpenWrt/LEDE enhancement ideas to be funded by prpl Foundation and its members.

We are accepting submissions on a rolling basis. Projects submitted will be evaluated and approved until funding runs out.

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OpenWrt Summit Sessions

Remember to register for OpenWrt Summit at

As the chair of the OpenWrt Summit Committee, I’m excited to announce the accepted sessions for this year’s OpenWrt Summit. Like last year, we had almost too many high-quality proposals but we tried to accept as many of them as possible. While we had a high bar to meet based on our sessions last year, I think this year’s OpenWrt Summit will meet or exceed last year’s. Even though every submission was unique in its own way, this year’s sessions seemed to fit into a number of categories: Continue reading